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PeSA Reach Foundation Dinner

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The PeSA Reach Foundation Dinner is a perfect opportunity for delegates, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors to all mingle in the same room. The evening consists of great company, food, entertainment and the charity auction. The PeSA Internet Conference has been supporting The Reach Foundation since 2011, with funds raised for other charities before then.


Vin Giang

MC & Host

Vinh Giang

2013 South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, magician and professional speaker Vinh Giang is fascinated with the psychology behind the mysterious art of magic, and has devoted himself to understanding the ways in which people are fooled not only by illusions, but by the tricks that life plays on us, and that we play on ourselves.

Hearing Vinh will open your mind to what is possible, as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through his moving family story, remarkable insights into human psychology and the wonderful art of magic.



2015 Charity Auctioneer

John Shore

Over 25 years John has been performing charity auctions assisting in raising an
estimated $7,000,000 he is a current national ambassador for Canteen Australia,
has been awarded a Patron of the Les Twentyman Fund, last year was awarded with
The Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary whilst not being a Rotarian. People pay a little
more for things when they are having a great time so John's relaxed style brings
the best out of most audiences.

He is known nationally as the auctioneer who sells lots of "NOTHING" and the record
he set last May in Melbourne of $23,900 we believe is a world record for
"NOTHING" who knows what will happen at our dinner. What we do know is it will be FUN.



Reach Foundation Speaker


Sasha Lawrence

Sasha Lawrence

Sasha is the only person in 2015 who still refers to himself by his first, middle and last name: Sasha Gavin Lawrence. He even invented his own social media hashtag, #whoissashagav. Born and raised in Melbourne, Sasha made the big move to Sydney in late 2010 to help set up Reach’s second home. Sash is working full time as an Engagement Facilitator and Learning and Development Champion in NSW. “I work at Reach because every day is a surprise – you never know what’s coming your way but you’re guaranteed to be either completely challenged or to have an absolute ball!”




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Thursday 28th May

Time: 7pm - 11pm


The dinner is held at the Convention Centre in Hall 4. This room overlooks the river and the fabulous Gold Coast Skyline.

Cocktail Attire - this is a chance to dress up and really make a night of it!

We have free seating at large tables and a lounge area for those that wanted the chance to mingle. We will also have reserved seating for international speakers and diamond exhibitors. If you would like to reserve your own table of 10 please email the list of registered guests and we will reserve a table in your name.


Each year we hold a charity auction segment for the Reach Foundation. We only have 10 auctions available and we will make announcements closer to the night of what will be available from our generous sponsors


Haven't booked yet? If you've already registered for conference but want to add a dinner ticket, you can purchase online here.


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Many sellers have found this PeSA Reach Foundation Dinner the MOST valuable for the chance to network and build long lasting relationships with other sellers. Plus, most of the exhibitors & speakers also attend the Dinner.

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